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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Adobe Prelude CC 2017.1 (6.1) + Crack For Mac - Latest

Adobe Prelude CC

Adding metadata labeling footage and pre-assembly. 
Prelude - a tool for intuitive and efficient preparation and labeling of video, ordering media content and add metadata. 
With this tool, you can quickly add tags and encode video, as well as easy to create preliminary versions of movies. Prelude makes it easy to continue working on materials in Adobe Premiere Pro, which provides easy engagement and arranges video production process.

The release took place: April 2017 
Publication Type: OS the X Software 
Supported OS: OS the X + 10.10 
Developer: as Adobe 
Language: . Russian, English, German, etc. 

Treatment: complete 
Type of medicine: patch 

Procedure and installation of treatment
Distribution is made on the basis of the original files downloaded from the official Adobe website. 

The installer automatically picks up the default OS language. 
If you need a different language interface before installing it is necessary to change the operating system on the respective language. 
After setting can be changed back. 

To 10.12 , if
When you run the installer writes «The installation can not continue as the installer file may be damaged. Download the installer file again ».

Then perform the action specified in the theme of "The program is damaged and can not ..."
Code: Select all
sudo spctl --master-disable

Installing with patch: 
Installing the program: 

Warning! Before installation, disconnect from the Internet or use Little Snitch, to block all outgoing connections! 
1. Run the installer and follow the instructions (the interface language can be changed in the program menu) 
2. After installation, do not run the program in trial mode (Force Quit if it is launched automatically) 

make a copy of the original before applying the patch:
3. Right-clicking click on installed program - Show package contents. Open the Contents folder - folder Frameworks. 
4. Make a copy of the original amtlib.framework / or rename the file and leave the package (the original leave in place) 
5. From the desktop launch patch Adobe Zii 2.2.1 for Adobe CC15 CC17 and click or drag selected PATCH / specific application to open patch box 

- must be installed by default 
- if other programs are installed from the SS package 2015 SS2017, in applications where it is required, will automatically be replaced / patched original amtlib.framework , that this did not happen - drag the selected application in about but running the patch. 
- Before applying the patch make copies of the original files 

• Before updating the software, it is desirable to return the original amtlib.framework, apply updates and re-apply the patch 
• Blocking outbound connections is not necessary (unless you are using a patch for the treatment) 
• 2.2.1 as Adobe Zii for as Adobe CC15 CC17 - also activate the program downloaded from as Adobe the Creative Cloud 

Patcher by TNT

• The distribution utility included as Adobe the Creative Cloud (CC) Cleaner tool will
as Adobe the Creative Cloud (CC) Cleaner tool will can clear the setting and problem installed the beta version of the software, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Creative Suite 6, Adobe Creative Suite 5 - 5.5, Adobe Creative Suite 4 Adobe Creative Suite 3, and so forth. 
As Adobe (CC) Cleaner Tool will - not a full-fledged program to uninstall any software, it is a console application that works with your agreement. Those. You do not remove anything extra, except that you have chosen. You decide for yourself and to coordinate all actions with their needs at a distance. 
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